Coverage of SA ban on anonymous political speech at election time

South Australia’s appalling new laws banning anonymous speech at election time have stirred up the Internet today.

The story first exploded on the Adelaide Now website, internet home of the Murdoch Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser.

The story has also been covered by:

Crikey, here, here and here

Adelaide blogger Taryn Hicks who points out the danger to people’s safety in forcing them to publish names and postcodes.

Electronic Frontiers Australia

ZD Net Australia

Lifehacker Australia



4ZZZ-FM Radio News

Grow Up Australia, who have already been challenging SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson over his resistance to allowing an R18+ category for video games in Australia, and who plan to run against him in his seat of Croydon.


4 Responses to “Coverage of SA ban on anonymous political speech at election time”

  1. FAKE NAME Says:

    The SA government are a bunch of fascists and should be hung, drawn and quartered for even suggesting such a move.

    I hope that they get voted out of office in the upcoming election.

    My real name and post code are not included in this comment, COME AND FUCKING ARREST ME.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Clearly Atkinson is afraid of people making fun of him and his outdated views during the election season. Other politicians don’t care enough to stop it; they probably see benefits from having the law in place too. Atkinson won’t be happy until everything he doesn’t agree with is banned, blocked, censored or #!&%@*d.

  3. Michael Atkinson Says:

    I am and always have been a tool squeezer. The sooner I am voted out of office the better. I don’t represent anyone but myself. Fuck me!

  4. Mr Nobody Says:


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