SA laws banning anonymous political speech to be ignored by @andrewbartlett’s blog

Andrew Bartlett, former Australian Democrat leader in the Senate, and now Green candidate for the seat of Brisbane in the 2010 Federal election, has announced on his blog that he will NOT be requiring full names, postcodes, or any other personal information before allowing people to comment on the SA election:

Draconian, dumb, futile and foolish are a few descriptions that
spring to mind.  I’d also say it’s unworkable in terms of it’s stated
purpose, but it could none the less snare innocent parties if a bloody
minded government decided to enforce it to the letter.

I don’t
know any more about this then what is published in The Advertiser
piece, so I don’t know if this law will apply to this blog, and if so
in what ways.  However, anyone commenting here can be assured I will
not be seeking their real name or postcode, let alone publishing it.


4 Responses to “SA laws banning anonymous political speech to be ignored by @andrewbartlett’s blog”

  1. Anon Says:

    I’m a blogger myself and, while I have never before blogged about politics, I *will* be as a result of this law. Michael Atkinson, who seems to be the driving force behind many of the new, bizarre, undemocratic laws in SA appears to be an unstable sort of person.

    He stated:

    “I am also certain that Advertiser Newspapers and News Limited will punish me personally, viciously for being the attorney-general responsible for this law,” he said.

    “You will publish false stories about me, invent things about me to punish me.”

    In comments on other blogs in response to his refusal to support ratings on games, Atkinson has repeatedly demonstrated paranoid comments, talking about his church and various other things, which were never mentioned by article writers or people seeking his comment.

    It’s time that people began a hacktivism campaign in order to prove how ridiculous all of this is. And to defy fines. I personally, as a human rights campaigner, don’t support anything along these lines and am quite happy to be detained in support of my rights.

  2. David Jackmanson Says:

    Excellent! I agree that it’s time to make Atkinson look like a goose in public. If only we can make him explode on live TV he’d probably have to resign.

    Even better would be if we could convince people his authoritarian views on censorship are wrong.

  3. Herkimer Says:

    Thanks for posting this; just found your blog searching around. Keep up the good work!

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